Dr. Suzanne Kearney

Break the Cycle of Emotional Eating

There are many reasons why we all overeat sometimes but if you find yourself reaching for food (or restricting food) every time you’re anxious, sad, bored or lonely, you will quickly find that your good intentions for a healthy lifestyle are sabotaged time and again, leaving you in a vicious cycle of frustration and overeating (or undereating).

If this is familiar, then join our four-session closed group, led by clinical psychologist, Dr Suzanne Kearney, and begin your journey to making meaningful, long terms changes to your health and wellbeing.

Within a small group setting (maximum 6 people), you will explore your relationship with food and feelings and how this has developed over time. Through having an in depth understanding of your “food and feelings story”, you will then be able to direct your energy to the root of your difficulties rather than embarking on a new “diet” that doesn’t account for your emotions as a human being.

What have previous group participants said?

  • The opportunity to reflect on and discuss my relationship with food, in a safe environment was so helpful. I found Suzanne’s manner extremely appropriate and from a position of expertise and experience.
  • I have gained a greater self-awareness and self-acceptance from the group and will definitely continue working on the strategies I learnt.
  • Having time to talk and look into these issues was the most helpful part of the group for me. I really enjoyed it and it has given me lots to think about and look at myself.
  • The sessions introduced lots of things I hadn’t thought about before, including practical strategies, but the reflection was the real positive for me.
  • I found the individual feedback and discussion as well as the fluidity of the group real positives. Suzanne’s questioning to unpick thoughts and feelings as well as the suggestions and handouts about strategies to try were really helpful.

For more information or to book your place on the next course contact The Westoe Practice on 0191 425 0101 or info@westoepractice.com