Corrective exercise and injury rehab

Corrective Exercise and Injury Rehab

Improve posture, alignment, strength and flexibility

What is it?

Corrective exercise provides a means of improving posture, alignment, strength, flexibility and as a result freeing the body from injury and pain.

At the Westoe Practice, our Biomechanics and Physiotherapists can offer an in depth one to one consultation and body analysis to determine which areas of the body require assistance.

We will carry out a postural analysis taking notes on your goals. A personal plan will then be given to realign and improve your posture.

You will work on strengthening your core muscles which are imperative before going further with the exercise programme. The exercise sessions at the Westoe Practice will provide you with a thorough understanding of the exercises most suited to you, regaining postural alignment and strengthening the core.

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High quality training

Our practitioners at The Westoe Practice are CHEK and Poliquin qualified professionals at REPs Advanced Level 3. You will receive the following high quality training:

How does corrective exercise work?

Some people exercise regularly at the gym, some go to classes once a week and some don’t exercise at all. Often we will be struck down with an injury, only to find when this heals, another occurs. This can be an ongoing process until one day we decide not to exercise at all since we feel worse. This is a downward spiral since we then become fatigued, stiffening up in the joints and feeling old.

Exercise coaching looks at you as an individual and helps to determine which exercises are required to create balance in the body bringing back functional and pain free movement and preventing injury and pain. The benefits of this could not be over emphasized. A series of specific exercises will be given. This may involve free weights, swiss balls and therabands. The devised programme will be designed for you to follow at home or if you prefer in the gym on a regular basis. A programme which does not entail much equipment.

How can it help you?

Corrective exercise can help you to live pain free with improved feelings of health and wellbeing. You will have the tools and the knowledge to perform the correct exercise, easily and at home if you wish. The resultant effect being health throughout the entire body.

A typical session?

You will be advised to attend in a pair of shorts and t shirt. We will take a detailed medical history taking note of any outstanding problems that you have. You will be guided through each exercise specific to your needs and given an exercise sheet to follow at home. Your appointment will take approximately 30 minutes.

Normally the follow up appointments are two to four weeks later. Further appointments can be made if necessary. Some people attend once or twice and others every 4 to 6 weeks until they reach their achieved goal. This depends upon the individual and the extent of their dysfunction

This therapy can help with

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Corrective exercise is a form of physical training that restores postural alignment by eliminating muscles imbalances and movement compensations, subsequently allowing the body to work perfectly together without pain.

Your appointment will take approximately 1hr, normally with a follow up appointment around two to four weeks later. Further appointments can be made if necessary.

Corrective exercise can help solve pain just about anywhere in the body. If you have pain or body aches in your feet, knees, back, shoulders, or neck, corrective exercise can help erase these issues. Specially-formulated corrective exercise training programs correct and maintain muscle balance, posture, strength, and flexibility.

Our team of highly skilled therapists are here to support and guide you on your journey towards optimum health, fitness and wellbeing.

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