Dear Friends and Patients

The Westoe Practice is a multidisciplinary centre for Health and Wellbeing, providing an array of professional and complementary therapies.


We have received many questions at the clinic asking how patients can best protect themselves and their loved ones from the infection. Our understanding is that for the most part this illness will be mild, but that for older and immunocompromised patients the risks are more serious.

Our advice for everyone is to remember that simple changes can make a difference to health and wellbeing (as well as handwashing):

Food Matters

Aim for an unprocessed, whole foods diet with plenty of bright colours. Reduce sugar and refined carbohydrates in favour of healthy fats and diverse protein sources including nuts, seeds and oily fish.

Sleep Matters

Aim for at least 7-8 hours. Help your brain settle for the night by avoiding screen use or wearing ‘blue-blockers’ for the 2 hours before bed.

Connection Matters

One of the joys of modern technology is that we can now keep in touch with friends or family who may not be able to go out due to restrictions on the movements of those at risk or those who may have been infected. Curb loneliness with frequent calls and video chats – think about those around you who might appreciate a little screen to screen time.

Relaxation Matters

Keep abreast of the current recommendations but avoid constant worrying over the virus on social media. Do something you enjoy each day and take time to appreciate the many beautiful things which surround us.

Nutrition Matters

Vitamin C can reduce the duration of cold symptoms if you’ve started taking it regularly before falling sick. This seems especially true for athletes and older people. Vitamin D can help prevent upper respiratory infections. People’s spending a lot of time indoors in the winter is tied to seasonal flu through higher viral transmission in closed areas and a lack of sunlight.

Keep washing your hands, reduce contacts and stay well,

All the best


Dean Glozier