Digestive health

Do you have the guts to be healthy?

A healthy digestive system lies at the heart of good health

Many, apparently unconnected symptoms such as fatigue, skin problems and back pain are often linked to problems in the gut. Problems such as bloating, wind and constipation, are all tell-tale signs that your digestive system may not be working as it should be.

We can guide and assist you with lifestyle changes and natural solutions for a healthy digestive system Nutritional therapy

A session with our nutritional therapist can help you discover the root cause of your ailments and assist you in achieving optimum health and newfound energy.

This therapy can help with

Allergies & intolerances
Chronic Fatigue/ME
Blood Sugar Imbalances
Allergy / Sensitivity Correction
Skin problems
Digestive complaints/IBS
Blood Pressure Irregularities
Weight problems and numerous other problems


Kinesiology is an holistic natural health care system that uses muscle testing procedures to identify and correct imbalances which ofter result in symptoms and disease.

Wellbeing resides upon the balanced harmony of our body’s chemistry, structure, emotional, and subtle energy state. Ill health results from underlying imbalances, which then result in symptoms and disease.

By balancing the body holistically, Kinesiology enhances health and wellbeing, rather than supressing the symptoms.

Kinesiology uses a range of techniques and these include allergy and sensitivity screening, massage, nutrition, herbal remedies, energy reflexes including acupuncture, neuro muscular release techniques, bach flower remedies, Neuro Linguistic Programming and magnet therapy.

Kinesiology does not claim to cure any condition, but works to restore balance and has been shown to benefit many conditions.

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