Emotional Transformation Technique

What is Emotional Transformation Technique?

Emotional Transformation Technique is a simple and effective process to uncover, understand, and release limiting beliefs, fears, emotional patterns, internal conflict and dysfunctional relationship dynamics that cause stress, anxiety, unhappiness, insecurity and lack of direction which have been holding you back in life, meaning you can regain a life fuelled by passion and purpose. Enjoy the release of outdated patterns of behaviour through awareness, build new congruent ways of being that resonate with the spark of your true essence. Improved quality of life results, and deeper love in all your relationships, including most importantly your relationship with yourself.

How can it help you?

Our emotions play a vital role in healing the body and the process of Emotional Transformation Technique is effective in getting to the bottom of our feelings, to find out what is stimulating a negative response in your health or life. Free yourself from issues like fear, anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, chronic anger and rage, physical illnesses & disease, and those relating to addictions and unhealthy behaviours, sexual abuse, relationship problems, career performance or unhealthy behaviour patterns. Because our beliefs are the building blocks of our reality, we often have to be prepared to dig deep to discover the core issues that have surfaced as symptoms.

Benefits of Emotional Transformation Technique

  • Promotes health and wellbeing through deep emotional release
  • Reduces the stress and anxiety held in the body
  • Helps reduce symptoms in a range of conditions - wherever old emotional pain has been suppressed
  • Stimulates the bodies' ability to heal itself
  • Increases our self-awareness and the tendency to over-react to certain situations
  • Provides deep emotional support and comfort
  • Increases our personal and professional effectiveness.

Emotional Transformation Technique assists you to update old habits, emotions and unwanted programmes, to the highest intent that those parts really want. Updated values are realised, choices are broadened, and a compelling future set whilst enjoying the present. This personal development means you will be motivated and decisive.

The process allows you to better understand the needs that drive us, and better still how to meet these needs in more fulfilling ways. You will gain deep psychological insights and discoveries about yourself and those closest to you that lead to a renewed perspective and experience with an empowered sense of self and confidence. You will know the difference and be aware of the changes experienced as you adjust the order of the spheres in life to establish the authentic presence you really desire.

A Typical Session

The initial Emotional Transformation Technique appointment at the Westoe Practice, South Shields will take approximately 90 minutes. Thereafter any further sessions take 60 minutes. Emotional Transformation Technique will start with a detailed case history to help us fully understand your concerns and identify any underlying issues. Two or three treatments are often sufficient to achieve lasting change although further sessions may sometimes be required.

Emotional Transformation Technique is an integrated and holistic method developed by Dean Glozier, encompassing a process which draws upon strategies from a multitude of mind/body and emotional therapeutic techniques such as Hypnotherapy, NLP, HNLP, Strategic Intervention, Mind Detox, Mindfulness, Kinesiology, EFT, Meditation and Yoga Breath work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)