Janette Tisseman

Janette Tisseman

Janette Tisseman, SRN, SR Midwife, Dip HYP and Psychology, Cert Ed, EFT L1,2,3, GHR

I help people by using EFT & Hypnotherapy. They are both excellent therapies helping with letting go of problems such as anxiety, smoking, phobias, panic attacks etc.

I trained as a midwife 30 years ago and previous to that I was a full time nurse, during this time I realised the body has an amazing capacity to heal. After training in body massage, reflexology and aromatherapy I found my particular interest in how the mind affects the body which led me to train extensively in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) & Hypnotherapy.

I currently work with people affected by cancer at a local charity, along with working as a midwife and also at this Practice.

All of my skills, combined with my passion for birth as a working midwife, encouraged me to get involved with karma birthing using Natal Hypnotherapy, helping women to have a calmer birthing experience.