Kerstell Foreman

Kerstell graduated from the world renowned British School of Osteopathy, London in 1998 following a four year Honors degree. Her previous experience includes working with and competing horses in school, private and competition yards and qualifying as a BHSAI instructor.

Since qualifying as an Osteopath Kerstell has gained considerable experience and had the privilege of working alongside some well respected Osteopaths in private, corporate and NHS settings in the UK and Australia before settling in the North East 11 years ago.

Over the years she has treated a wide range of people from all age groups with pain and disability associated with postural & workplace factors, the effects of stress, sports & traumatic injuries, and degenerative conditions such as arthritis.

Kerstell tends not to specialise in one area instead prefers to keep her clinical skills up to date across the whole spectrum and uses both traditional osteopathic methods and cranial sacral methods.

Although the main part of her practice is treating acute pain, particularly following injury, she feels that seeking treatment on a maintenance basis is hugely significant; particularly for problems related to work and age.