Low energy and fatigue

Do you have the energy to fuel your life?

Let us help you put the bounce back into your life and rediscover your vital energy.

At the Westoe Practice, our team can help you optimise your daily energy needs. We offer effective natural, holistic solutions to fatigue based issues that are designed to address the underlying causes.

We offer the following effective therapies for low energy and fatigue:


Hypnotherapy uses the power of the mind via guided relaxation to help heal psychological as well as emotional problems.

Nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy aims to change your body’s biochemistry from an unbalanced state – which may be causing minor or distressing symptoms and ultimately disease – to a state of balance.

Allergy testing

At the Westoe Practice, we are able to test for any negative effects that many different substances including food types, pollens, additives, chemicals, perfumes and metals have on your body.


Reflexology is a popular natural therapy. It promotes relaxation, stimulates circulation, improves mood, helps relieve tension, soothes tired feet, and improves a sense of wellbeing.

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