Structural Massage

What is Structural Massage?

Structural massage combines elements of myofascial release, yoga and Thai massage with functional anatomy and energy work to create a complete and highly specialised, healing treatment.

Each session is carefully tailored to the individual needs of the client to ensure maximum benefits are felt.

How Does It Work?

Treatments work holistically, factoring in all aspects of the individuals situation.

Simple oils are used to encourage relaxation and help balance and realign the subtle energies of the body.

The therapist uses a variety of different techniques, from whole body stretches, deep tissue massage, pressure point and tendon release, and gentle rhythmic movements to encourage the movement of fascia and lymph. The combination of techniques used will depend on the needs of the individuals and their circumstance. Throughout the treatment individuals will be encouraged to engage with their breath to ensure they get the most from the work and are in a state of steady control.

The therapist may suggest specific stretches and movements for the client to carry out following the treatment in order to continue unravelling of the issue.

How can it help you?

Treatments can help with a vast array of symptoms and issues, bringing new vibrancy to the body and mind. Examples of its uses are:

  • Rehabilitating old or new injuries
  • Improving functional movement and bringing new energy to the individual
  • Working to release stress and the physical trappings of emotion from the body.

Perhaps most importantly . . . structural massage encourages a greater level of body intelligence, helping the client to tune into themselves and understand on a deeper level both how their body works and how to get it to work for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wear something that you are comfortable and free to move in. For this style of massage, undressing Is not always necessary but it can be beneficial in specific areas. This will be discussed in the initial consultation.
Sometimes clients experience light feelings of dizziness and may feel 'groggy' or have a headache and some tenderness the next morning, thus is completely normal and will settle with food, water and gentle movement.

Structural massage is not suitable for individuals who are pregnant and for certain other medical conditions the therapist may require medical permission from a doctor/gp before commencing treatment.

The process however is adaptable to almost all conditions and will be discussed at the beginning of the first session.