Mind Detox

Mind Detox™

Mind Detox™ is the most amazing quick and effective method for enjoying true peace, health, wealth, love and happiness for life.The Mind Detox Method (MDM), created by author and therapist, Sandy Newbigging helps you ‘change your mind’ and ‘change your relationship with your mind’ in order to aid the healing of both your life problems and physical conditions and to reconnect with your inner peace and happiness in a permanent way that you may have felt was not possible.

You know what the problem is, but do you know why it started and how to fix it? When you change your mind, your body responds accordingly because the mind and body are both connected and in constant communication with each other. The Mind Detox™ approach offers you the unique opportunity to discover and resolve the (often hidden) mind causes for your body and life problems.

10 benefits of Mind Detox™

  1. Stop feeling negative emotions when you think about certain people, places, events or things.
  2. Help to heal health problems by resolving their mental and emotional causes.
  3. Overcome uncontrollable behaviours, such as phobias, addictions or compulsive ‘disorders’.
  4. Change the self-limiting beliefs that corrode your life enjoyment and success.
  5. Resolve relationship conflicts with your family, friends, colleagues (and also yourself).
  6. Lose weight by overcoming the hidden mental and emotional causes of weight gain.
  7. Enhance your mental clarity and creativity for massively improved results.
  8. More easily and enjoyably create the personal and business life you want.
  9. Quieten your mind and be more consistently connected with your inner peace and happiness.

How Does it work?

  1. The Mind Detox Method™ helps you discover any underlying emotional reasons for the physical, psychological, behavioural or life problems you have been experiencing.

    When we identify the emotional root cause reason for the problem, the Mind Detox Method™ will help resolve it!

    When you detox your mind of limiting beliefs, negative emotions and ineffective behaviours, you can then make more conscious choices. So by changing your mind and changing your perspective you can then truly change your life for the better!

    A typical Mind Detox™ session at the Westoe Practice, South Shields will take approx 60 to 90 minutes.

Mind Detox™ can help with

  • Negative emotions
  • Health problems by resolving their mental and emotional causes.
  • Phobias, addictions or compulsive disorders.
  • Stress and Anxiety.
  • Self-limiting beliefs
  • Relationship conflicts with yourself, family, friends and colleagues.
  • Weight loss by overcoming the hidden mental and emotional causes of weight gain
  • Mental clarity and creativity
  • Creating the personal and business life you want
  • Quieting your mind so you can experience inner peace and happiness.

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