Offshore Medicals

Offshore Medicals

Full Service Podiatry Care For Foot Injuries & Conditions

The Westoe Practice in South Shields provides Offshore Medicals

Dr S Islam is a GP in South Tyneside and has close links with South Tyneside Marine College.

Dr S Islam is an approved examiner for Oil & Gas UK (formerly UKOOA) and previously, the Norwegian Board of Health. He is also certified to perform medicals as required for the UK and North Sea Offshore Oil & Gas industry as well as for work in other areas where this certification is required.

A reciprocal arrangement (Hardanger agreement) is in place that allows Oil & Gas UK medicals to be accepted for work in Norway, Holland and vice versa.

As of 2014 onwards, Norwegian Offshore Medicals will, in effect, only be issued by Norwegian doctors.

The mutual recognition does NOT extend to the additional medicals for those involved in Emergency Response Duties.

Contact Dr S Islam to book an appointment. Phone: 07977462121 or email :

Podiatric Care is required for many foot problems commonly experienced by senior citizens. These can include anything from routine palliative care of unmanageable toenails and calluses to diabetic ulcerations and infections. At this time in life, circulatory impairment, as well as degenerative joint and skin conditions are common findings.

With proper care and attention to their feet, seniors may enjoy many years of pain-free foot function.

Essential Fees

  • Oil & Gas UK (OGUK / UKOOA)
  • Danish Maritime Medical
  • RenewableUK Medical ( Wind Turbine Medical )
    includes Exercise Response Test
  • Oil & Gas UK + RenewableUK Medical
  • Company Specific Medica
  • Shoulder width measurement
    Bideltoid / shoulder breadth

Additional Fees will be incurred for:

  • Exercise Response Test - Chester Step
    with medical
  • Exercise Response Test
    without medical
  • 10 point urine drug screen
    with medical
  • 10 point urine drug screen
    without medical
  • Alcohol Breath test
  • Chest X-ray, bloods and ECG
    can be arranged when required, at additional cost

*There is a £10 additional fee to the overall booking for Medicals or Tests undertaken on a Saturday

The Examination

The examinations last approximately 30minutes and involve examination of the main systems of the body including Audiometry (hearing test), Spirometry (lung function) and a Urine test to screen for diabetes or the presence of blood.

The additional tests listed above are undertaken if specifially requested by the employer, and only with the consent of the applicant.

You will need to provide the following:

Dr S Islam MRCGP contact details

To make an appointment call : 07977462121

Offshore medicals website :

Driver medicals website :


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