Online therapies

We have created an online platform allowing you to choose a therapist of your choice and schedule sessions via WhatsApp, Skype and telephone.

These online therapies are treatments which involve talking to a trained professional about your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and we welcome you to explore the services and therapists who are available to help you at this time.

We are able to offer online services for Emotional Transformation technique, Counselling and Life coaching.

Our online therapists


    Change coach, Integrative therapist


    Master life coach and Counsellor


    Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor


    Yoga teacher and Breath coach


    Counsellor and Hypnotherapist

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As soon as we receive the message, we'll match you to the most suitable therapist, (or you preferred therapist if possible).

Then we'll email you with a link for payment and arrange a convenient date and time.

If you're feeling uncertain about online therapy, please call us and talk it over to see if it's worth giving a try.

You don't have to know in advance if it's the right decision for you. Just plan a limited number of sessions and see how it goes.

If it works well, it could be a convenient and time-saving way to continue the important work of therapy for the future.

Therapies available online now

Online therapy is . . .

Simple and Easy

Most people find the transition from traditional therapy to online easier than they expected.

Safe and secure

Connect with counsellors and therapists using a trusted, safe and private video conferencing application.


Therapists and counsellors practice the same methodologies and provide the same treatments as they would in house.


No travel involved. Sessions can be arranged at times to suit and as frequently as you need.