Sports injuries and performance

Sports Injuries and Performance

For those who take fitness seriously, place you body in safe professional hands.

Is injury preventing peak performance?

For those who take fitness seriously, place you body in safe professional hands. We provide an integrated team approach to injury management and prevention.

We offer comprehensive biomechanical assessments, movement screens and gait analysis, with our state of the art technology and facilities.

We use the world renowned computerised foot scanning technology and video gait analysis, with high speed video cameras that record at 1200 frames per second.

Our team of specialists are renowned throughout the North East as experts within this field.

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A majority of all sports injuries are a direct result of the joints being overused, an athlete’s poor posture, and repetitive motion that causes damage to a limb. Often, an injury causes chronic pain, inflammation, and temporary loss of function to the joints and limbs. Some of the more common sports injuries include elbow tendinitis, rotator cuff soreness, knee pain, and lower back strain. It happens to athletes who play baseball, football, basketball, golf, pickleball, tennis, and swim.

Our staff will take a detailed, innovative approach to the treatment of your sports injury. Often, treatment will include a combination of regenerative cell therapy, adjustments, mobility stretching, and a series of exercises that strengthen your weakened limbs. Each treatment option helps to relax the injured area, improve blood circulation, and accelerate the recovery process.

Unfortunately, no person can predict when a sports injury will occur. But in the same notion, there are preventative measures that an athlete can take to limit the probability of being injured while playing a sport. We devise regenerative cell therapy protocols and corrective exercise programs that regenerate, strengthen and stretch certain areas in the body. It will help to keep you balanced when making certain athletic movements during the games. Being in better physical shape reduces the chances of sustaining a sports injury.

Our team of highly skilled therapists are here to support and guide you on your journey towards optimum health, fitness and wellbeing.

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