Susan Brown

In my meditation teaching, it’s wonderful to help people relax and unwind and gradually experience the meditative state for longer periods of time. I guide people to use meditation in their daily lives with all the health benefits this provides.

I also practice Reiki and I ensure that each treatment is a deeply relaxing, comforting and a peaceful experience that restores inner balance. I have treated many clients over the years and have seen wonderful results. It is a great privilege to be able to help people have an easier and healthier experience of life as their self-healing awakens.

Susan, an experienced Meditation Teacher, provides Beginners and Intermediate courses in 6-week evening sessions. She also offers one-to-one meditation sessions especially for you.

Susan was Reiki attuned in 2002 and is a gentle, experienced, and ethically committed Practitioner in Reiki.

She is available for individual Reiki or meditation sessions. Call 0191 425 0101 to book appointments or a place on meditation courses.