Tor Alexander Bruce

I began work in young people personal development in 2001, setting up a charity to engage individuals aged 9-18 who had experienced disruption in their lives. This led to 1-1 and group work, with an acute focus towards personal empowerment and assisting young people in gaining perspective of self (identity) and how they fit into their combined external reality.

My approach as a Personal Development Coach builds on 15 years and has included: Low-Esteem; Barriers To Learning; Abuse; Self-Harm; Suicidal Thoughts; Not Fitting In; Requiring Motivation; Loneliness; Anxiety; Pressure; Broken Family; Feeling Alienated; Dealing With Loss or Bereavement; Autism; Gille de la Tourette (Tourette syndrome).

I worked closely with the National Autism Society for several years and with schools, becoming a Master NLP practitioner and Qualified Teacher in the process. I have written reports and developed resources, linked to young people personal development, now nationally viewed for study and education purposes, via an online database.

On average, the work I do consists of between two-six, seventy-minute sessions. The initial session is a seventy-minute diagnostic. I have developed a wide range of tools and resources which I use throughout the sessions, resulting in a Life Plan for each individual (these are paper-based and each client receives this on their final session day).

I have worked regularly with adult clients age 18+ and whilst I welcome the potential to engage with this age group, young people are my priority focus and where the main involvement of my research is aimed towards.

In 2017 I will complete a Masters in Social Science Research, with an empirical study aim towards individual personal well-being and human flourishing. In this same year I am publishing a 100-page book, entitled: The Suicide Fight. This item has received go-ahead for national distribution.