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Using a revolutionary approach towards achieving Optimum Health, The Westoe Practice, South Shields has introduced the Total Health Programme.

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Firstly we ask you to fill in a comprehensive questionnaire which can be downloaded or if you prefer, collected from the Westoe Practice. This involves a comprehensive case history of your current health status, whereby you express your individual concerns.

Our team of therapists meet regularly to review the completed questionnaires and will offer guidance and provide a framework on which to build an action plan for taking control of your life.

We can help you determine the most appropriate approach and explain the benefits of combining therapies, addressing your individual needs.

To experience Optimum Health it is often necessary to make lifestyle changes. For example, starting with the food we eat and our body posture, whilst also finding ways of reducing stress, eliminating toxins and removing emotional blocks from our lives. Our team of therapists will assist you with this transformation.

Our Total Health Programme is a major step forward in integrating natural therapies and helping you make the necessary lifestyle changes to experience Health and Wellbeing.

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