Valerie Chiltonsmith

Dip Couns, Dip Coach, MNSFH

Valerie is an Emotional Energy Psychotherapist specialising in the relief of debilitating emotional states, with a particular interest in the long term effects of childhood experiences.

Valerie holds various Diplomas and Certificates. With over 20 years experience, she combines her skills and knowledge to identify and heal the underlying causes of presenting emotional and behavioural issues, swiftly and safely.

Valerie incorporates internally focussed techniques including creative Hypnotherapy and symbolic Imagework to access the powerful unconscious mind, for deep and lasting change.

She's a fully Certified and Registered Energy Psychology practitioner (EFTMRA), uniquely incorporating Matrix Reimprinting, alongside EFT and other Meridian based techniques, to release trauma held in the cellular body & energy field (Matrix) to bring about a positive, empowering outlook.

Valerie originally gained her Diploma in Counselling, before going on to train in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy; she's been a qualified Member of the National Register of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists since 1996.

Valerie is also an experienced Energy Healer and is a Healing Trust licensed Tutor.