The Westoe Practice is a multidisciplinary centre for Health and Wellbeing, providing an array of professional and complementary therapies.


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We are different because we have time to investigate more deeply when it’s needed. We listen, care and support you so that you can be as healthy as possible.

Put simply, we are compassionate, curious, explorative, open-minded and smart about your health care. With you and our team of practioners working together, we can help you understand the big picture and find ways to better your health.

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All appointments must be paid in full at the time of booking. If you need to amend or cancel your appointment, you can do so up to 48 hours before your appointment without penalty. If a treatment is cancelled between 48 and 24 hours prior to an appointment then a 50% deposit will be retained. If your appointment is cancelled or amended within 24 hours of the appointment time then the full upfront payment will be retained. We appreciate your cooperation with the above cancellation policy.

Your first appointment allows time for your practioner to get to know you and your health concerns. You may be asked about a range of things depending on your history and needs. For example, you may be asked about your diet, stresses, illnesses (past and present), medications, supplements, emotions, spirituality, family, work and environment.

It is our job to give you the building blocks you need to heal, such as the nutrients, motivation, support, knowledge and guidance, but the rest is up to you. Please bring with you all of your recent investigations and any supplements you take. Also, we suggest writing a list of points you would like to discuss at the first appointment so we can work through them together. Depending on the complexities, we will try to address the most important issues first.

Holistic wellness is when we look at our whole wellbeing, rather than just our physical being. What are the 5 components of holistic health? Physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. When it comes to holistic health we are looking beyond the physical body and are addressing physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health.

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At The Westoe Practice we tailor wellness programs specific to your needs and goals. You can request specific treatments if you have had a great experience with them before or have a particular interest. However, generally treatment modalities will be selected by your Practitioner to get you the best results sooner.

We have a wealth of information on our website for you to read through about the different therapies we offer. We also write a regular blog, with new information about the various treatments. You’re also welcome to pop in to the clinic and look through our leaflets  and reading materials, most of which are available for you to take away. Depending on your circumstances, the best way for you to get a clear idea of which treatment is best for you is to contact us and speak with an experienced member of our reception team, who will be able to advise you about which therapy is right for you based on the the information you provide.

This will depend on the type of condition you have and whether it is acute or chronic. At the clinic we are focused on your health outcome and will recommend what is most appropriate. You’ll be given a clear treatment plan before you undertake a program so you will know exactly what is involved before you start.

We’re always happy to receive positive feedback for our treatments, and we have a high volume of returning clients. However a treatment which works wonders for one person may not have the same effect on their friend or relative because it might not be the most appropriate for his or her specific condition(s) and current health ‘picture’. A personalised consultation where an experienced practitioner can gain a clear idea of the problem and suggest the best treatment for you is often a suitable course of action to take initially so you can get the most from our services.

GP’s often refer patients to our services, demonstrating how credible and useful it is.

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Rather than just focusing on being physically stronger, holistic health focuses on the individual’s happiness. Holistic health is the ultimate focus of mental and physical states being equally balanced.

Practice mindfulness

Recognize and respect the powers of your body

Eat clean food

Focus on positive relationships

Recycle energy

Let yourself grow

Love life, and be respectful.


Our team of highly skilled therapists are here to support and guide you on your journey towards optimum health, fitness and wellbeing.

Let’s get started by taking action today.

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