Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Restore the body’s energy flow and balance

What do crystals actually do?

Not just pretty glittery things, crystals are believed by many to have healing properties, with different gemstones giving off different energies. They’re used in crystal healing therapy to restore the body’s energy flow and balance: a session will typically involve placing gemstones on or near the seven different chakras of your body to draw out negative energy.

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How can Crystal Healing help?

The proposed healing benefits of crystals predominantly surround areas of mental wellbeing; including:

Typical session

Using the power of crystals, you lie fully clothed in a powerful crystal grid, relax and receive the energy from the crystals as they remove any stagnant energy, directing a positive flow and chakra balancing.


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The singer has been open with her battle with stage fright before shows and is frequently quoted talking about her use of crystals to calm her nerves.

Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr quite literally keeps her crystals close to heart. In an interview with us, she revealed she keeps a rose quartz in her handbag and in her bra.

Jenna Dewan

The actor and dancer embraces a wide range of alternative therapies calling herself ‘a hippie at heart’. She has previously posted photos on Instagram showing her massive collection of crystals, as well as of her experimenting with the Chinese practice of cupping (said to encourage blood flow).

Naomi Campbell

When travelling, the supermodel is said to keep black tourmaline and a rose quartz in her bag as symbols of protection and love.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham told Allure that she travels with her crystals because she’s “quite a superstitious person”, and reportedly uses them backstage at her shows. “I’ve got all different colours,” she said.

No, they all work in perfect harmony because they’re an extension of nature’s innate balance. However, if there’s something particular you want to work on in your life, crystals do have the potential to make a lot happen at the same time which can get overwhelming.

In this case, you might want to maybe pace yourself with using them.

The more open you are, the quicker you feel their impact. They work as fast as you do.

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