Maternity Reflexology

Maternity Reflexology

Change your emotional, hormonal and physiological balance of your body

What is Maternity Reflexology?

Maternity reflexology is reflexology adapted for use during pregnancy, when your body will go through significant changes. These changes will affect the emotional, hormonal and physiological balance of your body.

Reflexologists believe the treatment can help restore the body’s equilibrium, giving clients a sense of wellbeing. Maternity Reflexologists believe that clients with fertility issues may also benefit from this therapy.

Maternity reflexology treatments can be given to clients pre-conceptually, during pregnancy, during birth, and after the birth.

Reflexology does not claim to diagnose or cure any condition. It is a complementary health support for maternity clients and is not a substitute for obstetric or medical care.

Prior to a treatment it is important that the client obtains permission from their Midwife or Obstetric care provider.

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The case for Maternity Reflexology

A study of 593 women giving birth at a Danish hospital, found that 89.7% of those who chose reflexology with no anaelgesic drugs, felt it reduced pain, with only 4 of them requiring additional pain medication.(Easier Births Using Reflexology.” by Gabriella Bering Liisberg, “Tidsskrift for Jordemodre,” No. 3, 1989)

This study also showed that not only can it help reduce pain but it can also help bring about labour, often without the need for further intervention in about half the cases.

And as if that wasn’t a good enough reason to try this extremely relaxing and calming therapy, a further study has also shown that it can reduce labour time by over 60%. The study conducted in London by Dr Gowri Motha showed that women having regular reflexology treatments had an average first stage labour of 5-6 hours, compared to textbook expectations of 16-24 hours. It also found that Stage 2 and 3 of labour combined was less than 25 mins for those having had reflexology, compared to more typical experiences of 1-2 hours.


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  • Help to reduce morning sickness, all day sickness and vomiting.
  • Helps to relieve digestive issues such as; heartburn, indigestion, constipation and haemorrhoids.
  • Helps with low back pain, labour sciatica and sympysis pubis diastasis (SPD).
  • Helps to prepare the body for labour by balancing the body systems, especially the endocrine system which governs the labour process.
  • During labour Reflexology can be used to boost energy levels and encourage relaxation during contractions.
  • It can help with pain control by stimulating the production of endorphines (the body’s happy hormones).
  • Can reduce the length of labour with regular treatments, aim for 10 treatments during pregnancy.
  • Using reflexology after labour can promote healing of episiotomies, encourage breast milk production and can help relieve urinary retention, along with relaxation and time for mom.

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Reflexology can begin at any stage during pregnancy. It is a perfectly safe and a non invasive treatment to use as long as the pregnancy is stable and healthy.

Some client’s may decide to wait until they had their dating scan to begin Reflexology. We would always advise clients to only come for a treatment if they are feeling comfortable to do so. 

Normally as a precaution, our Reflexologists will avoid working on the reproductive system reflexes for the first 3 months of the pregnancy. These are found to the inside and outside of your ankles. During the first trimester, treatments will be gentle in touch with a focus on relaxation.

It’s important to let your Reflexologist know if you are pregnant or suspect that you may be pregnant.

There are a small number of pregnancy related conditions where we would not recommend using reflexology. These include;

  • Unstable pregnancy
  • Circulatory problems, e.g. blot clots, deep vein thrombosis
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • Incompetent cervix

If you are in doubt about whether you should use reflexology during pregnancy, consult with us prior to treatment or talk with your G.P or consultant.

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