Myofascial Unwinding

Myofascial Unwinding

A gentle yet effective treatment which works with your body, mind and emotions

Myofascial Unwinding

Myofascial unwinding is a term coined by John Barnes (the father of Myofascial release) to describe a type of physical movement that comes from a higher intelligence which he often describes as a “feeling” (rather than a “thinking”) intelligence.

Unwinding is a movement that benefits soft tissues, muscles, connective tissue, and even the brain as it builds new neural pathways.
moving to feel good, safe, and allow reset

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Myofascial Memories

During myofascial release work the body often ‘unwinds’, going into spontaneous movement as the fascia and muscles release. The practitioner works with and is guided by this movement, supporting the body where needed and holding it when release is taking place. It is as if the body ‘needs’ to move in a particular way to unwind. If myofascial restriction was due to physical or emotional trauma or repetitive strain, the body tends to readopt the position it was in when the event(s) occurred, allowing tensions to be identified so that they can be cleared. Myofascial unwinding may be accompanied by emotions or memories.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release (Muscle – Fascia – Release) is used for the release of fascia which has become stuck, hardened and dehydrated. Restricted fascia and soft tissues can often lead to often undiagnosed pain, exhaustion and immune system dysfunctions. Hardening of the fascia occurs in response to physical or emotional trauma.

This is a gentle yet effective treatment which works with your body, mind and emotions, not against them, and you are guided gently through the process with our experienced myofascial therapist.


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Myofascial release (MFR) involves targeted and precise movements that aim to release fascial obstructions so it may feel more slow and gentle than regular massage, wherein there is more focus on kneading the muscles. Despite this, the relaxation benefits of MFR is very apparent, if not deeper and more sustaining.

For women, wearing a sports bra and underwear or shorts is recommended. For men, non constrictive shorts is recommended

Every person has a different reaction to MFR. Some may feel immediately more energized and less pain afterwards, while some might feel more tired and need to take it easy. We recommended you drink a lot of water after your session!

When addressing long held issues, an initial series of treatments with frequency will prevent rebounding while encouraging resiliency and self care techniques to maintain the new harmonious space you are creating for yourself. As your body heals, you may lengthen the duration between sessions or schedule on an as needed basis

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