Our team

Our Team

All our therapists are registered so you can be confident that you are receiving the best in professional services.

Dean Glozier

Managing Director and Integrative therapist

Alex Scott

Practice Manager

Anna Thorton


Emma Wrightson

Podiatrist, Chiropodist, Foot & lower limb mobilization & manipulation

John Westgarth

Biomechanics and Gait Analysis

Angela Harrison

Podiatrist, Chiropodist, Podiatric Acupuncture

Tasmin Taylor

MSK Podiatrist & Orthotic technician. Podiatrist, Chiropodist, Podiatric Acupuncture

David Hopper

Physiotherapist Massage, Trigger Point Release, Acupuncture, Kinesio Taping, Ultrasound, Deep Friction Massage

Dr Yezhao

Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure Massage

Victoria Sandberg


Janette Tisseman

Hypnotherapist, EFT & Karma Birthing

Dr Islam

Offshore Medicals, Taxi & HGV Medicals

Julia Chapman

Counsellor & Clinical Supervisor

Luisa Mordain

Naturapathic Nutritionist

Susan Brown

Meditation Teacher, Reiki

Kirsty Maddison

Holistic & Beauty Terapist

Ryan Wardale

Meditation Teacher, Reiki

Robbie Heslop


Natalie Wiley

Sport, Thai & Deep Massage, Pregnancy/Relaxation

Julie Glozier

NHS & Private Chiropody

Caroline Allison

Colonic Hydrotherapist

Gill Ingram

Counsellor, Hypnotherapist

Shelly Quantrill


Margaret Keith

Counsellor & Clinical Supervisor

Sam Westgarth


Michelle Grogan

Holistic Therapist

Amanda Hall

Massage & Beauty Therapist

Kerry Bullock

Master Life Coach

Jill Glozier

Yoga Teacher & Breath Coach

Kaz Conville

Emotional Health Practitioner

John McPherson

Spiritual Reader & Reiki Master

Laura Dowson

Hearing Health Practitioner