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  1. Lisa Tooley

    Good Morning
    I have a very bad pain in my knee, under the knee cap, I am not very fit, it keeps giving way, has done for a while now, it goes then returns.
    I am not even going to bother trying to get an appt at the docs , I wondered if a physio could just take a look and maybe advise if I do need to try the docs!
    I have just joined swimming and a gym also.
    Thank you

  2. Peter Moore

    hi, I’ve got tennis elbow or a bursitis. I’m wondering who I should see.

  3. John Sutherland

    Think I’ve done something to muscle/ muscles in lower back while away. Had pains and discomfort for 5 days now. It’s worse moving after sitting for a while, or when bending and twising. worse onlower right side.
    I have had issues similar in the past and have had manipulation at your clinic.

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