Allergy testing

Allergy Testing

Allergy is the term used to describe an adverse (bad) reaction

What is Allergy Testing?

At the Westoe Practice, we are able to test for any negative effects that many different substances including food types, pollens, additives, chemicals, perfumes and metals have on your body which may present as allergies, intolerance’s or sensitivities.

Allergy is the term used to describe an adverse (bad) reaction that the body has to a particular substance. We recognise that allergies, intolerances or sensitivities are very common and affect around one in four people in the UK at some time in their lives. The number of people affected by allergies rises every year. Allergic reactions can cause a range of symptoms. Some can be quite mild, and some are more serious.

It is possible to test for a wide range of substances that could be causing a negative effect on your body including foods, additives, pesticides, pollens, animal hair, household products and chemicals.

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A typical session

A typical session with our Naturopath will last approx 1.5hrs and a detailed case history will be taken to help us fully understand your concerns, identify the underlying problems, and the corrections and changes required.


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Eating certain foods may lead to an unpleasant – and sometimes dangerous – physical reaction in some people.

A ‘food allergy’ is a reaction that involves the immune system, which is the body’s defence against foreign bodies. Those that do not involve the immune system are often called a ‘food intolerance’.

Most allergies develop in childhood; they may remain dormant until reactivated by re-exposure in adult life.

Allergies are usually a life long affliction, they change with age and this is called the “Allergic March”. Children tend to get eczema and food allergies and grow into asthma, teenagers get hay fever and generally the older you get, the less problematic your allergies become. Milk and egg allergies tend to be outgrown, while fish and nut allergies tend to persist.

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