Rapid pain elimination

Rapid Pain Elimination

Free yourself from Chronic Pain Conditions

Rapid pain elimination

Rapid Pain Elimination Therapy is a program created to work with patients suffering from chronic physical and emotional pain at a psychological level. It is made up of a number of protocols that work together to help with pain from issues such as Arthritis, Back Pain, Crumbling Spine, Fibromyalgia, Scars, Post Thrombotic Syndrome, ME/CFS, MS, all types of old injuries and many more.

Success at removing chronic physical and emotional pain is currently about 73%, with a further 20% reducing pain.

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How does it work?


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Initially it is essential to alert the body to a problem, but once this has been addressed the message is no longer required, the message may be kept if the original cause needs time to heal if the cause was particularly dangerous ( in the opinion of the unconscious)
Some pain can be caused by external factors, other people, stress, anxiety etc…
The un conscious always does what it see as best for you. It has one role to play and that is to keep you alive in the best way it can
​… and will not cause you pain unless it is saving you from something worse, and will not allow you to put yourself in danger..
It will always guide you towards safety, happiness and pleasure.
​Using a technique called RPET we address the pain directly through the subconscious mind and eliminate it completely.

When pain goes on and on and your doctor can give no explanation for it, and can do nothing more for you than prescribe more painkillers, it’s time for a dialogue with your Unconscious Mind to find our what’s really going on.

What we usually find is that there’s an old trauma tied to what you’re currently experiencing. 

Whatever it is you think is the source of your pain, discomfort, or hurt, it most often isn’t.

One thing it’s important to know and understand is that your subconscious mind isn’t linear, it doesn’t work like your conscious mind with it’s past, present, future logic. 

In the subconscious, everything is happening NOW!

When someone comes to see us, they’ll sit in the chair and tell us what’s going on with them, what’s wrong, where and when it started. 

And they are mostly wrong. If they were right, they wouldn’t need us. 

That’s why many times, our client’s will say, ‘But I’ve already cleared that,’ and yet that old trauma they thought they’d cleared is still showing up in their lives, in their bodies and in their minds in one form or another.

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